Chengdu to Bangkok, the five temptations to drive the self-driving tour of Thailand

Chengdu to Bangkok, the five temptations to drive the self-driving tour of Thailand

Thailand is one of the country’s first overseas tourist destinations, and it is also the tourist destination with the largest number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad. Highlights The general routine of Thailand tour mentions Thailand, some people will think of the sun, the beach, the coconut palm, the food, the style, in fact, Thailand isA typical tropical country, and is known for its romance.

The Chinese tour of Thailand has been going on for about 20 years, and there have been many irregular “populations of tourists” and “super low price groups”.

Due to fierce competition, the profits of regular travel in Thailand are already very low, and the service is difficult to guarantee. Visitors also feel that “Thailand is not new”.

  So, with the conventional line benchmark, Thailand has a certain temptation for self-driving tour?

  Temptation video: Thailand’s Bangkok travel experience to experience the charm of the ancient city of Buddhism1, additional attractions: historical ancient city – Ayutthaya, Rayong Province Shamei Island National Forest Park, Asia’s largest tropical fruit garden; temptation 2, experience right rudder driving fun: tour timeVery flexible, you can stop at any time to see the beautiful scenery along the way, there will be no busy feeling of “traveling” in the regular line, you can drive out for a free time; temptation 3, no compulsory consumption: real true freedomThe trip is a “subversive advancement” of the new gameplay in Thailand; the temptation 4, the whole four-star hotel: the service is in place, it is unmatched by the regular two-star hotel; the temptation 5, the third-class meal: Thai-style dinner, fruit dinner, seafood dinner.

  (It is reported that next year, the trip to Thailand will introduce various routes and various theme games.

Traveling romantic country romantic tour car window, city, island, beach, river, rainforest, national park. car window, map, backpack, throttle, steering wheel. Thailand journey starts from the wheel. Play time:5 nights 6 days departure location: Chengdu walking route: Bangkok – Ayutthaya – Pattaya – Koh Samui – Bangkok Recommended route: Phuket – Bangkok: Thailand N kinds of holiday resorts, the top ten classic experiences of Bangkok tourism, the steering wheel is on the right The traffic rules that depend on the left of Thailand are absolutely the opposite – driving to the left and the steering wheel to the right of the cab.

Upon arrival in Thailand, the local travel society arranges special personnel to provide skilled training for tourists.

  The road conditions in Thailand are basically international standards, and they are clean and flat; the road signs are very clear; Thai people also follow the traffic rules when driving, and it is easy to drive in Thailand after familiar operation.

Out of Bangkok City, the speed can reach more than 100 kilometers, the only thing to note is that the speed is not too fast, safety first.

  Afraid to lose?

It doesn’t matter, the travel agency will equip each car with a walkie-talkie for free and give a Thai mobile phone card.

Worried about accidents?

Don’t worry too much, the travel society will donate the Thai side’s traffic insurance.

  Pre-departure preparation: Passport, visa, and international driver’s license are all handled by the travel agency. It takes 10 days, including 240 yuan for passport and 600 yuan for international driver’s license (5 years valid, worldwide).

Passengers with passports only need to hand over the required materials to a travel agency one week in advance.

  Vehicle rental: Renting a car is arranged by a travel agency, usually 3-4 people/car.

Passengers need to pay attention to the fact that each car needs one passenger to provide an international credit card and a deposit of 20,000 km (5000 RMB).

  Road and Bridge Fees: Roads and railways throughout Thailand are free of charge, but several expressways around Bangkok require payment, averaging 100-200 yuan per car per day.

  The distribution of gas stations on the roads along the way is average, and the supporting facilities are complete, which not only facilitates the refueling, but also serves as a place for rest or placement.

The average daily fuel cost is 200-300 yuan / car.

  · Reporter’s notes · Landing self-driving prospects optimistic that self-driving travel has become fashionable, and gradually become the “main team” of the “tourist army”, and many people have to overcome the distant roads after going through the surrounding landscapes and want to travel far away from home.Boring is boring, and it takes a lot of time.

Taking the opportunity to travel, landing on the road is one of the “good ways” to solve the above confusion.

At present, Tibet and Xinjiang are more suitable for self-driving tour; once Kangding, Daocheng, Ganzi and other airports are completed, there is also a self-driving service. It will not be a dream to appreciate the beauty of the western Sichuan Plateau in a few days.

Of course, many places like South Africa, North America, etc. are paradise for self-driving travel, just some “landing self-driving” services, let us expect that the service will be launched in Chengdu as soon as possible.