Dortmund played the China Cheering slogan at home, and Norwegian Shenfeng was elected the best in January

Dortmund played the “China Cheering” slogan at home, and Norwegian Shenfeng was elected the best in January
Dortmund played “Wuhan come on!”Go China!”slogan.Network screenshots In a 22nd Bundesliga round that ended early this morning, Dortmund took a 4-0 home subdivision.Among them, the Hornet new aid forward Harland once again made contributions.In the 53rd minute of the game, Ashraf inserted the right corner of the penalty area and sent an inverted triangle assist. Harland grabbed a spot in front of the goal and changed the score to 3-0.This is Harland’s fifth Bundesliga game after joining Dortmund, and the eighth goal he scored in the Bundesliga. In addition to the last round of the game with Leverkusen, Harland’s other four goals.The Norwegian superstar who scored 8 goals in 5 games set a new record forward, and Harland became the most goals scored in the first 5 games of the Bundesliga career.Air Force Dolfer (played in Hamburg in 1963, 7 goals in 5 games), Paco (played in Dort in 2018, 7 goals in 5 games).Before this game, the Bundesliga official website just announced the best player in January, Dortmund new aid Harland was not unexpectedly elected.In January, Harland played two games on behalf of Dortmund. In his Bundesliga debut, Harland came off the bench to complete a hat-trick; in the second game, the bench was scored twice.Halland scored 5 goals in two games played in January, the best of the month deserved.After this campaign, Dortmund scored 63 goals in 22 rounds, which is also the record of the same period in the history of the Bundesliga.Before that, Bayern Munich had scored 63 goals after 22 rounds in the 1973-1974 season, and Hamburg had done it in the 1981-1982 season.It is worth mentioning that in this match-up against the match, Dot used the form of sidelines to cheer for China.The slogan reads: “Come on Wuhan!Go China!We can definitely overcome this epidemic!”