Retirement, how to let the old man retreat without rest?

Retirement, how to let the old man retreat without “rest”?

Having a skill can not only enable a person to have a greater living space when he is young, but also become an important source of happiness for a person when he is old.
  At present, the big family in the traditional sense of our country is being replaced by small core families. It is quite common for the elderly and their children to live separately. This has caused the loneliness of the elderly to a certain extent.
On the other hand, with the improvement of living conditions and medical standards, the living needs of the elderly have also undergone great changes. Except for those who lack the protection, the old people are still working hard for their livelihood, and more and more do not have to worry about their lives.Old people are no longer satisfied with food and clothing. After leaving their jobs, they do not want to derail themselves from society. They are still eager to integrate into society and exert their own waste heat.
Although some old people have reached retirement age, they are still busy in different positions.
They are a group of retired old people who work mostly at this age, not for money, but for their own life to be more fulfilling and more fun, to rediscover their social values.
  (1) Old-fashioned Some elderly people who are professional technicians or skilled workers before retiring can be hired to return to the original unit or go to a new work unit to do the professional and technical work within their capabilities.
This can not only contribute to the society’s residual heat, but also meet their own psychological needs, but also obtain a certain material income, but also improve their quality of life.
Some elderly people are administrative cadres of the party and government organs before they retire, they can engage in social labor or public service activities of personal interest, such as participation in social security, social welfare services, traffic safety, neighborhood committees, market management, street management, etc.Social service work; this not only rewards the society, but also contributes to the physical and mental health of the individual.
Some elderly people are ordinary staff members before they retire, and they have the special skills to do the housework that they can do. This will not only enhance family harmony, reduce the burden on children, but also enable them to enjoy family fun.
In addition, if the elderly can enthusiastically engage in social welfare activities, it is even more meritorious.
Some elderly people lived a very fulfilling life after retirement, and even opened up a second career.
  (2)老有所学  所谓老有所学是指老年人根据社会的需要和本人的爱好,学习掌握一些新知识和新技能,既能从中陶冶情操,又能学到“老有所为”New skills.
“Old learning” is not for the purpose of obtaining a new academic qualification or a new degree, but for the purpose of achieving “study for learning” and “study for learning” for the elderly.
  In real life, some people will feel lost when they step into old age. They feel that there is no passion in life and their spirits are declining. This has great disadvantages for their health. In fact, the elderly can live as well as young people.
Learning by the old is a manifestation of a state of mind.
Learning can cultivate sentiment, enjoy the body and mind, make life full of vitality and vitality, and help to eliminate the monotony, boring life, overcome loneliness, troubles, adjust mentality, and invigorate the spirit.
“Flower and prosperous life”, “good longevity”, “longevity of sports”, etc. are all the experience of the 100-year-old birthday star.
Some people have done such an investigation: 82.
1%, while those who are not interested in hobbies are only in good health.
  In the understanding of education, the elderly should change from “one education” to “lifelong education”. The kind of thinking that the elderly are already fixed, and the idea that education is irrelevant to them is one-sided and wrong.
In fact, education is a lifelong process and education should be a basic shared right for all people in all age groups.
It can be said that old-age learning and old-age education are conducive to improving the quality of the elderly. It is one of the means for the elderly to obtain a perfect and meaningful life and to help them realize their potential for the benefit of society.
  There are many old people who have dreamed of being young in their later years, and they can be described as “the late bloomer.”
There are ideals, pursuits, convictions, and perseverance, so that people can seek spiritual support and avoid the spirit of being too leisurely. The perseverance of brains and hands-on is an important factor for healthy longevity.