[Can the cake be steamed]_ making method _ Daquan

[Can the cake be steamed]_ making method _ Daquan

The cake is a food with good taste and high nutritional value. The cake is easy to digest and absorb, and it is fluffy and soft. It can be eaten by the elderly and children. It is also good to bring it to the workplace instead of breakfast. If you buy the cake outside, do n’t worry.It is best to make it at home, because the ingredients you prepare are real and the processing is very assured.

Ingredients: 6 kg of fresh eggs, 5 months of special flour, 6 kg of caster sugar, and 0 cooked lard (for painting molds).

25 kg.

Make a variety of steamed cakes.

Cake paste preparation: Add eggs, caster sugar, caramel sugar into the blender and stir for 10 minutes. After the egg liquid is evenly covered with small creamy bubbles, expand the volume and add flour and mix well.


Injection molding: First apply cooked lard around the inner walls of various models, and inject the cakes into the steaming molds according to the specified weight.


Steaming: Put the steaming mold with the cake paste into the steaming rack of the steaming box, cover with a steaming cap, and seal and steam.

The steam flow rate is controlled a little less at the beginning of steaming, steaming 3?
After 5 minutes, while the surface does not form a skin layer, tap the steaming mold and shake it slightly to remove the small air bubbles on the surface, then increase the steam flow appropriately, and then steam the flight, whichever is more mature.

The steam flow or stove heat should be properly controlled. If the steam flow is too large or the stove heat is too strong, product irregularities may occur.


Cooling, demoulding, and packing: After the steamer (cage) is released, the mould is demoulded while hot, and the packing is cooled. After the cold pass, the food boxes can overlap.

Method 2 Ingredients Eggs 3 Low-gluten flour 60g Seasoning salt 1g White sugar 70g Milk 45ml Vegetable oil 30ml White vinegar 2 Drops Steamed cake

Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks and place them in clean pots. Break the egg yolks apart 2.

Add 10 grams of sugar and salt to the egg yolks and stir well 3.

Add vegetable oil in portions and mix well 4.

Add milk and mix well 5.

Sift into low-gluten flour 6.

Use a rubber spatula to turn and mix well.

Add two to three drops of white vinegar or lemon juice to the egg white, and use the electric eggbeater to make coarse bubbles 8.

Add sugar in three portions: add supplement (20 g) of sugar 9 first.

Beat until egg whites start to thicken and add a second sugar (extra 20 g) 10.

Add a third sugar (20 grams of release) 11 when the egg whites are marked with an eggbeater.

Then beat again and again until the egg cream is turned upside down. The meringue will not change. When you lift the eggbeater, a small triangular sharp angle will appear on the protein cream.

Add half of the beaten meringue to the egg yolk paste13.

Use a rubber spatula to turn it evenly14.

Pour the cake paste from step 12 back into the remaining meringue 15.

Turn on and off evenly.

Pour the finished cake paste into the mold, fill it with seven or eight, and then tap the mold on the table to shake out the large bubbles in the cake paste.

First cover a piece of kitchen paper on the mold mouth, then cover with plastic wrap, fasten with cotton thread, and poke a few small holes 18 with a toothpick.

Put an appropriate amount of water in the steamer and boil over high heat; then put the cake paste, cover the pot, heat over medium heat, and steam over water for about 25 minutes.