Paper and documents placed next to the computer are prone to allergies

Paper and documents placed next to the computer are prone to allergies

Symptoms: Causes of skin allergies: An electrostatic field is formed around the monitor that is turned on. It almost inhales the dust suspended in the air of the entire room into its field, causing skin skin to be stimulated and allergic rash.And so on.

Sitting in front of the computer, you are surrounded by a lot of dust particles of air, so the user’s skin is very prone to rash and other allergies.

  Mitigation method 1.

Do not place piles of paper and documents around the computer. All necessary documents should be placed in the cabinet, because the dust on the paper and documents is usually not easy to clean.


Wipe the surface of the computer table with a damp cloth with an antistatic agent.


Always open windows for ventilation.


Apply some moisturizer on the board before using the computer, or soak the towel with chamomile extract (the easier way is to use a wet chamomile tea bag) directly on the forehead and cheeks.


Place a pot of cactus on the computer desk, because the cactus can absorb dust.


Always clean the keyboard. When using the keyboard and after use, wash your hands before eating. When not in use, cover the keyboard with a cloth.

Because the keyboard is uneven, it is very easy to accumulate dust, and it will become a place where skin diseases and cold bacteria are hidden.