Spring tour hiking precautions

Spring tour hiking precautions

Spring blossoms are open again, and the voice of “returning to nature” is constantly rising, and the mountain climbing is getting more and more fire.

For those of us who live in the city, climbing is not our strength. In order to avoid damage to outdoor activities and better ground exercise, we would like to remind friends to pay special attention to the following points: 1.

The intensity should not be too large. The intensity of climbing should not be too large, and the heart rate should be kept at 120-140 times/minute. Mountain climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise. Generally, it is appropriate to exercise 2-4 times a week.

It has been determined that a man weighing 70 mm, if he climbs for 30 minutes on a slope of 70 degrees at a speed of two kilometers per hour, he consumes about 500 kilocalories, which is equivalent to 50 meters per minute.The speed is 45 minutes in the swimming pool, or equivalent to 50 minutes of boring abdominal exercises in the gym.

Therefore, climbing is especially popular with men who are worried about losing weight as soon as possible.


Can not eat is normal, the appropriate exercise intensity increases the body’s level of brain swelling, brain calcin has appetite suppression, increase the body’s heat production, so after climbing, often feel appetite decreased, food intake decreased.

Studies have shown that climbing in addition to energy consumption during exercise, the body’s lactic acid and fatty acid oxidation after exercise, the recovery of the consumption of sugar reserves of exercise also consume energy.

In addition, the internal secretion changes caused by climbing, the increase in body temperature also makes the metabolic rate after rest after exercise is higher than before exercise.

Therefore, the significance of sports body sculpting is that after a campaign, the high metabolism of the subdivision will be maintained, effectively reducing the accumulation of adults.


Do not thirst to drink water, climb the mountain, generally choose the morning as well.

Pay attention to replenish moisture during exercise, drink plenty of water on the basis of satisfying thirst quenching, or drink 400-600 ml of water 10-15 minutes before exercise, so as to eliminate the lack of water during exercise.

Beverages should be selected to contain sufficient sugar and electrolysis (and preferably contain vitamin C) to relieve fatigue and restore strength as soon as possible.


Warm up before, after relaxing and starting to climb the mountain, you must not increase your physical activity as you go up.

Usually do some simple warm-up exercises, then gradually increase the intensity according to a certain respiratory rate, to avoid sudden changes in respiratory frequency during exercise.

At the end of the workout, relax and maintain your muscles and return the blood from your limbs back to your heart.


When vitamins are “hot-filled”, the energy consumption and various nutrients are relatively large. Therefore, in addition to adequate intake of energy according to individual conditions, vitamin supplements are irreplaceable. Special attention should be paid to daily supplementation of appropriate amounts of vitamins.A, vitamin B and vitamin D.

In addition, food should be easy to digest, eat less food containing crude fiber and easy to produce gas (celery, leeks, soybeans, etc.), eat more alkaline foods, vegetables, fruits, kelp, etc., in order to facilitate the acid-base balance in the body, increase the reserve of alkaliImprove exercise capacity.