[Salty fish can’t be eaten with what]_ diet taboo _ precautions

[Salty fish can’t be eaten with what]_ diet taboo _ precautions

In real life, salted fish is a relatively common traditional cuisine. The practice of salted fish is very simple. The salted fish is mainly used for storage, and there are many practices, but when eating salted fish,It is necessary to pay attention to the relative weight of food. Salted fish is processed by marinating and drying, and sodium ions are formed. Therefore, salted fish should not be eaten with food called sodium.

What can’t you eat salted fish with?

Foods with obvious sodium ions are salted fish that is marinated with fresh fish and then dried. The sodium ions are high in content. Too much food will change the osmotic pressure and cause oral cells to lose water and cause discomfort.
At this time, when consumed with other trace sodium foods, it will rise for a short time, resulting in a rapid rise in blood pressure and affecting physical health.

The foods with the highest sodium ions are: salty sauce, bacon, pickled vegetables, jar vegetables, mustard, pickled toon, eustoma, sweet noodle sauce, shrimp skin and so on.

Salted fish with acid residues in shrimp skin has a relatively high protein content. Normal consumption can supplement protein, but when eaten with a large amount of residual acid foods, the resulting protein supplements acid complexes, with a tight structure and increased digestion.For some people with poor gastrointestinal function, the digestive burden is heavy, and gastrointestinal discomfort is prone to occur after use.

The foods that were previously eaten with sour are: persimmon, raw banana, pomegranate skin, raisins, bamboo shoots, toon, red extract, jujube and so on.

Foods with high blood pressure, persimmons, contain high plasma levels, which are absorbed into the bloodstream after being absorbed, leading to an increase in blood lipid levels and affecting physical health, especially those with high blood lipid levels themselves. Therefore, salted fish and other possible foodsTaken together, the blood lipid rise is more serious, which is not good for your health.

The highest plasma foods are: egg yolk, salted duck egg, brain flower, sheep liver, chicken liver, goose egg yolk, fish roe, paste and so on.

Pork liver is rich in oxalic acid. Salted fish is very high in mineral content. It can be supplemented with various mineral ingredients. However, if eaten with foods that cause oxalic acid, oxalic acid will react with calcium and magnesium in salted fish to produce someSubstances of calcium oxalate and magnesium oxalate increase the digestive burden on the stomach and affect the physical condition.

Cutting-edge oxalic foods include: scallion white, plum, spinach, spring onion, beet, taro, taro, bulin, pomegranate and so on.

There is nothing wrong with drinking tea after eating salted fish. It is not a problem to drink a little tea after eating salted fish.

It has been said on the Internet that tea contains higher acids, which is actually wrong. The bitter ingredients in tea are actually catechins, tea polyphenols and other antioxidants. Therefore, eating with protein salted fish will not affect your health.

But tea will reduce the acidity of the stomach, so drinking too much tea will affect digestion, so you can drink a little.