[Can you eat raw oysters in the early pregnancy]_During pregnancy_Can you

[Can you eat raw oysters in the early pregnancy]_During pregnancy_Can you

Oyster is a kind of seafood that many people like to eat. Pregnant women are no exception. When pregnant, too many people still want to eat oysters.

So, can people eat oysters in early pregnancy?

In fact, eating a certain amount of oysters during pregnancy will not affect pregnant women. On the contrary, it is also beneficial to the health of pregnant women and the normal development of the fetus!

First, can you eat raw oysters in the first trimester? Pregnant women can eat raw oysters, because oysters are foods with high nutritional value, especially for pregnant women. They can have a great effect. Oysters are what we call oysters in our lives.This is one of the best foods for calcium supplementation, and it also contains rich phosphorus and other trace elements, which can have a great positive effect on the growth and development of protein. It can also strengthen the pregnant woman’s physique to prevent pregnant women.出现贫血的情况,还有就是,生蚝有一个美称,别叫做‘海里的牛奶’,是因为这种食物中含有丰富的优质蛋白、肝糖元、维生素以及矿物质,还有十八种以上的Amino acids can show how high their value is. Pregnant women who eat oysters can even supplement a variety of nutrients. They can also metabolize the body and enhance the body’s immunity. Therefore, pregnant women can eat oysters.
Second, pregnant women eat oysters in early pregnancy. Some pregnant women can eat oysters, but there are also precautions. It is important to note that although oysters have high nutritional value, they also contain a lot of parasites. Be sure to wash and cookEat again to prevent bacteria from infecting your body.

There is also that oysters are cold foods. It is not easy for pregnant women to eat more. When eating, you must pay attention to the right amount, not too much, otherwise it will cause indigestion or constipation in pregnant women. Also, do not eat barbecueOysters, in case they get angry, can adversely affect value.

If you must eat it, you must cook the oysters thoroughly to prevent bacterial infection.

Third, the nutritional value of raw oysters Raw oysters zinc, zinc is very good for children’s brain and nerve development, pregnant women should supplement zinc.

牡蛎被称作‘海里的牛奶’,富含十分优良的蛋白质,肝糖元、维生素与矿物质、含有十八种以上的氨基酸,在这些氨基酸中富含可以合成抗酸化物质的谷胱甘肽Amino acids (glutamic acid, sugar gum).

After eating oysters, it synthesizes glutathione in the human body, removes active acids from the body, improves immunity, and suppresses aging.

At the same time, lead can not only inhibit the aging of cells, but also promote metabolism.