The director said that Liu Yifei’s version of Mulan does not have a song record, but is familiar with the melody.

The director said that Liu Yifei’s version of “Mulan” does not have a song record, but is familiar with the melody.
Sauna Night News January 16, according to foreign media reports, the director of “Mulan” Nicky Caro noticed the heroine Liu Yifei when promoting the film.She also confirmed that in the live-action movie “Hua Mulan”, the classic cartoon character “Mu Xu Long” in the animated version will not appear, and there will be no song recordings throughout the movie.Nicky Caro revealed: “We have traveled all over the world to find a perfect candidate.But after spending more than a year, we still couldn’t find the right person.But a suitable person is very important to us, so we went back to China again and found all the Chinese representatives who were absent for some reason. After a long time, we finally found Liu Yifei.When we met, we thought she was born for ‘Hua Mulan’.I must also add that we really have a talented one. She does not need to use avatars in most scenes. She is very skilled in swordsmanship, martial arts, and equestrianism.”Animated version of” Mulan “stills.The picture is from a schematic diagram on the Internet. In order to maintain the realistic style of the movie, the movie “Mulan” has deleted the animal characters with the fairy tale color such as “Mustache Dragon”, and there will be no song records in the entire movie.The film’s creator team knows that the animated version contains many highly sung songs, which have become the childhood memories of a generation.Although the new version of the film excludes singing plots, those familiar melodies will still appear in the film as a soundtrack, paying tribute to the animated version of “Mulan” in a different way.Nicky Caro said she wanted to return the film to realism to describe the war and this true story.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Guo Li