[Simple way of passion fruit jam]_How to do_What method

[Simple way of passion fruit jam]_How to do_What method

Passion fruit is a fruit with relatively high nutritional value, with a rich aroma. It tastes sweet and sour, has the effect of quenching thirst, refreshing and refreshing. It also has a good effect of improving appetite and digestion.Cheng jam also has very good health care effects. It has good effects in preventing arteriosclerosis and reducing blood pressure. It has certain anti-cancer, anti-cancer and beauty effects.

The practice of passion fruit jam 1 Passion fruit cut 2 Use a spoon to remove all the flesh, 10 passion fruits, about 240g3 flesh with 120g granulated sugar, the ratio of pulp to sugar is about 2: 1, marinate for 1-2 hours 4 willPut the marinated pulp into a small milk pan and cook over low heat.

Initially there will be foam, skimming out and stirring continuously for 5 periods, until large clear bubbles start to appear, just fine. 6 Insert into a sealed bottle blanched with boiling water at any time, used to match bread, or flush water tastes good.Note that the ratio of pulp to sugar is about 2: 1, passion fruit itself is relatively sour.

The boiled jam will be thicker after cooling than when boiled, so don’t boil it too thickly.

The black part is seeds. It is crunchy when bitten. It is a bit like Ming Liezi. You can remove a part if you don’t like it. Can you eat passion fruit without so many seeds? How do you eat passion fruit?

Is it cut and eat with a spoon?

Or just poke a small hole and insert a small straw to suck the essence of the pulp?

Many people eat passion fruit because they eat the meat in it. Can the skin of passion fruit be eaten?

Well, few people will eat the skin of passion fruit, but in fact the skin of passion fruit is also edible, but it is not directly consumed. How to eat the skin of passion fruit?

The skin of passion fruit is generally used for medicine, soup or tea, and the nutrition of the passion fruit skin is analyzed by high temperature.

Passion fruit peel can also be used to extract pectin, which is an excellent stabilizer and thickener for food processing.

Therefore, passion fruit is really a treasure!

Can Passion Fruit Seeds Be Cut? Passion fruit is cut. We can see that the passionate yellow flesh of passion fruit is surrounded by black and black seeds. Can the seeds of passion fruit be eaten?

Passion fruit seeds are also edible.

Some people like to eat passion fruit, but they are not used to eating passion fruit seeds.

However, anyone who has eaten passion fruit knows that the passion and meat of passion fruit are closely combined. It is difficult and time-consuming to separate them. It is better to eat the seeds together.

At least no one has had a problem with eating the seeds of passion fruit.

The seeds of passion fruit are crunchy. It can also increase the taste when eaten!